Dog tear stains

Keep Dog Fur Clean And Bright Clean The Eye Tear Stains Of Dogs Face

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Dog Tear Stains:

Question: Does your product have Tylosin in it?


- No, Naturally Tearfree Canine is 100% natural. Tylosin is banned in Europe due to it causing upset stomachs in animals and it lowers the immune system since it is an antibiotic.

Question: Does Naturally Tearfree Canine have anything bad in it's contents?


- No, all ingredients are FDA approved and on the "GRAS" list meaning they are safe for animals. We have no fillers or antibiotics in our jar. Only pure 100% organic herbs.

Question: How long does each jar last?


- Each jar is 4 oz. and last arounds 6 months

Question: How long will it take to see results and other tips and tricks?


- Depending on how bad the current tear stains are, it could take between 4-6 weeks. We highly recommend taking before and after photos so you can see the progress. When you see your dog every day, it is hard to recall how bad the stains were originally. Please also send us your pictures! We are trying to create a photo album of the great effects Naturally Tearfree Canine has. Other tips and ticks: 1) Make sure your dog food does not have beets or beet pulp listed in the ingredients. 2) Use a stainless steel bowl for feeding and drinking. 3) Use filtered water vs. tap water. 4) If your dog is picky, put the powder in yogurt and let them lick it off the spoon. This is the same solution for a dog with long facial hair and how to prevent it from getting in the fur. 5) Avoid cheese and peanut butter treats. Go with something that has less oil in it. 6) Groom out or wash out the old stains to see the progress of the stains officially clearing up. We suggest a hot warm compress to rub the old stains out. 7) If you miss a few days of the 3-2-1 program, start the program all over again.

**Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that response to herbal remedies varies by individual. If your pets symptoms worsen or change in any way that concerns you, discontinue use of any supplements and contact your veterinarian. When introducing any new supplement, it is wise to start with a lower than recommended dose and build up over the course of the three days. Only introduce one supplement at a time. We do not recommend giving the product to a pregnant or nursing dog. We also suggest puppies should have all vaccinations and shots before starting the product.

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To make a purchase, simply click on the "buy now" button. If you live outside of the USA, please email us for an invoice with correct shipping charges to your country. The jar will last about six months. Please take "before" and "after" pictures. Send them to us and we'll post those lucky dogs on our website. Also, it will help us create an album of our furry friends progress and how wonderful the tear stains are clearing up.  

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