Remove dog tear stains

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What Causes Tear Stains On Dog Faces!

Tear Stains are a leaky brown or reddish goop that flows from the pets eye and creates a mark or streak on the fur that is hard to remove. They can also be called blood stains.


Tear Stains can begin as a puppy or occur later in the adult years of dogs. They sometimes even have a smell to them, which is not pleasant. You may even notice the same stain around the muzzle area or if they lick their forearm a lot it can cause a similar reddish brown color.


Tear stains are caused from the gut of the system. It is due to an off balance of the PH and acidity amounts in the dogs system. Some of this can be due to diet and sometimes it is caused from genetics.


Regardless the dog is unable to prevent the tear stains themselves so it is up to the owner to help keep their pet clean and in good hygiene. Everyone loves a clean dog and why not make your dog look the best it can be? If your dog is experiencing tear stains, you can easily remove them with Naturally Tearfree Canine.


Naturally Tearfree Canine is an all natural organic supplement that you sprinkle on the dog’s food and over a few weeks, you will see the tear stains disappear. Naturally Tearfree Canine will not dry out your dog’s eye. Instead, Naturally Tearfree Canine will balance out the PH and reduce the acidity in the pet’s system which is what causes the tear stains. It will not remove current stains but prevent any further staining from occuring.


You will need to groom or let the original hair grow out and in about four weeks time, your dog’s fur will be back to its original natural beauty again.


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To make a purchase, simply click on the "buy now" button. The jar will last about six months. Please take "before" and "after" pictures. Send them to us and we'll post those lucky dogs on our website. Also, it will help us create an album of our furry friends progress and how wonderful the tear stains are clearing up.


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