Keep Dog Fur around eyes Clean And Bright: Clean The Eye Tear Stains Of Dogs Face

Keep fur white and clean - remove tear stains

Why are Natural products the best for your dog?

Just like humans, it is important to know what you are putting into your pets system. Many products that remove tear stains end up doing more harm then good. People have the impression that Tylosin will remove tear stains. In reality, Tylosin will lower the dogs immune system and upset their stomaches. Tylosin is banned in the UK for these reasons. Many tear stain products out on the market has Tylosin as their number one ingredient. It is important to view the label and know exactly what you are about to give to your pet. Wouldn’t you take the same precaution for yourself?


Other products that remove tear stains have fillers in them. All of these ingredients end up doing more bad then good with removing the brown streaks. Not only do you have to use the products for an extremely long time for them to work but they are also costly to your budget. Such fillers as bone marror can cause pancreatitis. Who would want to harm their dog due to a cosmetic issue?


Naturally Tearfree Canine is pure 100% organic herbs. We do not have any antibiotics or fillers in our product, we are using nature at its best remedy to remove tear stains. It is safe, healthy, and all ingredients are FDA approved and on the “GRAS” list meaning they are safe for animals to ingest. It is a low maintance product and within 2-4 weeks, you will start seeing those streaky brown reddish marks disappear.

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To make a purchase, simply click on the "buy now" button. If you live outside of the USA, please email us for an invoice with correct shipping charges to your country. The jar will last about six months. Please take "before" and "after" pictures. Send them to us and we'll post those lucky dogs on our website. Also, it will help us create an album of our furry friends progress and how wonderful the tear stains are clearing up.

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